Global and tailor-made solutions for your packaging machinery and technology needs

The BARCELONA PACKAGING HUB wants to give visibility to the packaging manufacturers located in Barcelona as well as promoting the recognition of their experience, quality and professionalism.

Our  mission  is to drive and to provide the best solutions for the packing and packaging industry requirements.

Our objective is to give  awareness of the experience and know-how of this industry, operating at the cutting edge of quality, innovation and reliance.

At BARCELONA PACKAGING HUB we want to develop an international benchmark as an ecosystem of companies with the highest standards of innovation and quality which interrelate among each other to provide global customer oriented solutions to the packaging industry.

We are passionate  about our work and our industry.  Honesty and transparency in everything we undertake with  our associates, partners and clients.

Effort and commitment  in everything we undertake.

Responsibility  with the world around us, being sensitive to  sustainability.

All these  values  are an essential part of our  ideology, not only as companies, but also as individuals.