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Leaders in the packaging industry

Thanks to the latest technology you will be able to increase your production and reduce your costs. With this you will be able to manufacture at a higher quality and obtain better results.



We offer  turnkey solutions to guarantee the achievement of your goals and with the latest technology in the market.


From BARCELONA PACKAGING HUB we make sure that 95% of your packaging is correct.

You will improve the efficiency of your packaging processes thanks to competitive equipment adapted to achieve high production volumes. This way you can increase your productivity, reduce costs and increase your profit margin.


We work with the latest technology so that you can achieve the required product volume packaging at a higher speed but without losing quality.

At BARCELONA PACKAGING HUB we know the importance of product care in every packaging process. For this reason, we offer high quality machinery that ensures good sealing, perfect packaging, efficient automation and minimizes errors.

At BARCELONA PACKAGING HUB we cover different sectors for instance food, pharmaceutical, chemical, personal care and cosmetics, home care…

In addition, we are experts in covering all phases of the production process offering our customers a global packaging line solution (packaging, packing, coding and palletizing).

More than 25 years of experience

We have been developing customized packaging projects for more than 25 years with the most pioneering technology on the market and we adapt to your needs.

Packaging industry leaders

We are a group of leading companies in the sector and we have the best technological partners in the packaging machinery industry in order to offer you a global solution.

Projects at international level

We have developed global packaging projects responding to the needs of our customers at an international level.



Backed by more than 25 years of experience in the sector, we cover the entire packaging cycle. Driving the best sustainable solutions for the needs of the industry, being responsible with the world we live in and demonstrating honesty and transparency with our partners and customers.

Industry experience

We have been experts in innovative packaging machinery for more than 25 years and we adapt to the demands of a constantly developing market.

Global solution

We offer a global and tailor-made solution for the entire production process, since we embark on the packaging, packing, coding and palletizing processes.

Quality seal

Barcelona Packaging Hub, we are your seal of quality for your packaging project. We always work with the latest technologies in the market and respond to market trends.

''We increase your profits with the most advanced technology and higher quality performance."


BARCELONA PACKAGING HUB we are manufacturers of innovative and high quality machinery for packaging and packaging, we have a seal of quality that allows large companies and SMEs to go one step further.

It is not enough to pack more, but better, reaching the maximum benefit.


At BARCELONA PACKAGING HUB commitment and effort are our fundamental pillars.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the packaging sector we are always in constant innovation. We develop customized solutions adapting to any project with innovative and quality machinery.

Together with the most qualified technological partners, we guarantee reliable solutions for any type of packaging, responding to high success criteria.


All our associates understand sustainability as a priority and work on innovative products and materials that contribute to the improvement of the environment.

At BARCELONA PACKAGING HUB we want to promote this type of production, and that is why we work daily to improve the sustainability plans that allow us to save energy, offer 100% sustainable machines and improve our energy self-sufficiency.

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