4 key trends for the packaging industry

Las 4 tendencias clave para la industria del packaging

Barcelona Packaging Hub, a leading association of manufacturers of high-quality packaging machinery, has unveiled the main trends that are transforming the industry in 2024. Trends where sustainability, digitalization and efficiency become the pillars of the future of packaging.

1. Sustainability: Commitment to the environment

Consumers are increasingly demanding more environmentally friendly packaging, driving packaging machinery manufacturers to adopt recyclable and biodegradable materials. Companies like Effytec, a member of Barcelona Packaging Hub, are leading the way with innovative technologies that allow them to work efficiently with recyclable films, minimizing waste and promoting the circular economy. Posimat, a specialist in vacuum plastic unscramblers, also highlights the transition to eco-conscious design and the implementation of efficient recycling systems.

2. The digital revolution transforms packaging

Industry 4.0 is transforming the packaging sector through digitization. An example of this is Volpak, a Hub partner company, which has successfully implemented sensorization and interconnectivity of its machinery for:

  • Gather real-time production data.
  • Optimize production through automatic analysis and adjustments
  • Reduce maintenance costs by predicting and preventing failures.

3. Efficiency and intelligence: keys to success

In an increasingly competitive market, efficiency and intelligence are essential for success. INVpack, a founding member of Barcelona Packaging Hub, has integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its machinery, enabling:

  • Real-time data analysis to optimize processes.
  • Reduced waste and increased productivity.
  • Development of customized solutions for each client.
  • Simplification of packaging processes and improved traceability.

4. Advanced coding technologies: interactivity and transparency

United Barcode Systems, a Hub member specializing in labeling, coding and marking solutions, sees an increase in demand for:

  • 2D barcodes.
  • Dynamic QR codes.

These technologies offer increased data storage capacity and facilitate product traceability in the supply chain.

Dynamic QR codes allow:

  • Create interactive experiences for the consumer.
  • Provide access to additional product information.
  • Offer exclusive promotions.
  • Allow direct purchase from mobile devices.

The information encoded in these codes also promotes transparency, allowing consumers to access details about the origin of the product and its manufacturing process, strengthening confidence in the industry.

Lucas Palma, Director of Barcelona Packaging Hub, says: “The trends we are witnessing in the packaging sector are a clear sign of the evolution towards a more sustainable, efficient and intelligent future. At Barcelona Packaging Hub, we are proud to be pioneers in this change, working with our partners to offer innovative solutions that meet the needs of an ever-changing market.


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