Shortage of electronic components continues to affect packaging machinery manufacturers

The shortage of electronic components is a global issue that is affecting all sectors. As packaging machinery manufacturers we are also immersed in this crisis, as we find that we cannot guarantee our customers the delivery of their projects or provide immediate solutions to possible after-sales service issues. In the following article we will analyze the origin of the electronic components shortage crisis, when it began to worsen and what alternatives we can offer.

The origin of the shortage of the lack of electronic components

The origin ofthe electronic components and raw materials crisis can be traced back to the Covid-19 pandemic. Teleworking and the rise of digital tools (not only in industry, but also at home) has led to an increase in demand. in electronics and semiconductors. The market has not been able to cope with the high demand, consequently leading to a shortage of electronic components and raw materials that we, as packaging machinery manufacturers, have seen in the past few years affected our business.

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As a result of this crisis, we have had to adapt to the market situation and look for alternative solutions and, above all, plan and anticipate. Faced with the shortage of electronic components and the increase in their prices, Barcelona Packaging Hub members have implemented various alternatives, such as homologating compatible components or redesigning boards in order to find a way to continue manufacturing with the same functionality as that electronic board had. In addition, we have seen a change in perspective: electronic cards are no longer designed on the basis of needs, since the availability of components on the market is first analyzed and, depending on the available stock, the design is made to achieve the card’s performance objective.

electronic components in packaging machinery

Phases: When did this crisis become acute?

The electronic components supply crisis has developed in different phases. After the coronavirus pandemic, which affected us worldwide, there have been some initial circumstances of shortages of raw materials and electronic components that a priori were not too alarming. Subsequently, when it became clear that supplies were no longer as expected, the first difficulties began to be felt, such as transport, lack of supply, etc.

Solutions to address the electronic components crisis

As packaging machinerymanufacturers, we have been constantly looking for alternatives and, thanks to the constant support and communication between the companies that are part of Barcelona Packaging Hub, we have shared various solutions to face this crisis.

Marc Pascual, It, Service & Support Director, of United Barcode Systems, one of the founding partners of Barcelona Packaging Hub, indicates that several of the projects carried out could not be completed due to the lack of a component. The lack of components leads to a number of consequences. First of all, it is impossible to assure the customer a complete solution for his packaging line. Secondly, as Jordi Martín, Director of Jorpack, points out, the increase in costs implies a lack of knowledge of the real cost of the project, since the final cost cannot be known until the project is delivered to the client. Therefore, it is not only a time delay, but also a price increase that has a direct impact on the final machinery.

At the end of the day, packaging machinery manufacturers have adapted to the new reality, with the same equipment and betting on the search for alternative solutions to face this crisis.

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