Innovation Day, industrial automation day for packaging machinery manufacturers

Diversification of consumer needs, labor shortages, changes in environmental legislation… How can companies respond to these challenges?

OMRON together with Barcelona Packaging Hub, organized a conference, known as Innovation Day, on industrial automation, mobile robotics and collaborative robotics, with the aim of offering attendees a space where they can share experiences and learn about the latest technological solutions.

Innovation Day is a face-to-face event that we organize together with our technology partner OMRON, a leader in industrial automation solutions.

The event will take place on February 7 at OMRON’s Automation Center in Barcelona, where the latest innovations and solutions for a connected, intelligent and interactive factory will be presented.

This event is focused on fostering collaboration and sharing synergies between Hub associates and technology partners. In this case, OMRON, one of the main players in the automation market and with decades of experience in technological innovations, will present its automation solutions, mobile and collaborative robotics to all attendees. These solutions help to achieve greater production efficiency in packaging processes, and in the same way, enable packaging machinery manufacturers to cope with the high demands of production processes.

From Barcelona Packaging Hub we are constantly researching, analyzing how to solve problems and developing innovative automation technologies to meet the needs of packaging machinery manufacturers. Thanks to technology partners such as OMRON we ensure that our machinery is the most innovative on the market and can offer a competitive advantage to our customers.


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