The 5 keys for a good packaging

Each product is unique, with its own performance and characteristics, so its packaging must be exclusive and customized. It must meet basic requirements in terms of both protection and format, which is why not only the choice of film but also the machine to be used for packaging has an influence. As expert packaging companies, the members of the Barcelona Packaging Hub work on the basis of 5 keys for a good packaging:


1. The Machine

Deciding which machine to buy for packaging is one of the most important points. Depending on the product, it is necessary to choose one or another. When advising the customer, our associated companies are very clear about what their machines are like and what projects they can develop, since one brand or model of machine is not always suitable for everything. For example, to achieve optimum results in sachet or stick pack packaging, we recommend vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) machines.

These are aimed at various sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, dairy or cosmetics and are designed to pack powder, granulated, liquid, pasty or solid products.


2. The Material

For a good choice, the type of product to be packaged is the main factor. Milk is not the same as sugar. Therefore, it is important to know all the requirements and regulations that the product must comply with and, based on this, choose the film or other material that best fits. As well as having in mind the latest trends in packaging materials.


3. Conservation and safety

It is very important to protect, preserve and maintain the properties of the product inside the container (avoid alterations) for assuring a good packaging. This is influenced by the material and a machine that can meet the standards according to each case.

Once the package is ready, it must be clean, well sealed, without leaks or smells. If simulations are carried out during the packaging process with the same environmental characteristics as at the point of destination, a good result will be guaranteed. This can be done in a laboratory/clean room with controlled humidity and temperature for conditioning and quality control.

4. Format

The format is, together with the design, the most visual part of the packaging. It is important to create a packaging that is original and eye-catching, but also utilitarian and with the right ergonomics so that it can be handled easily and comfortably.

It is vital to address the issue of format when choosing the machine in order to achieve a successful result.


5. Design

Finally, another of the keys for a good packaging is if it has an original and creative design will serve to highlight the brand from the competition in the pharmacy or supermarket shelves, among others.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so it is very important the written content, colors, typography and of course, the creativity that will be reflected. It is essential to include the company’s logo in order to be in the top of mind of consumers in the not too distant future.

These are the 5 keys that should not be overlooked if you want to succeed with packaging. The companies associated with the Barcelona Packaging Hub are formed by professionals willing and able to guide and advise throughout the process and thus find the optimal solution.


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