Barcelona, technological and industrial city

Barcelona has established itself as a leading city in the technological and industrial field, as several studies support its position as one of the best destinations to develop business and industrial activities. Con reconocimientos en competitividad global y como mejor ciudad del mundo en 2022, Barcelona destaca por su capacidad para afrontar los retos tecnológicos del futuro.


Barcelona, considered the best city in the world

The Telegraph, a leading British newspaper, has chosen Barcelona as the best city in the world in 2022. Barcelona has achieved the highest score for parameters such as geographical location, culture, gastronomy, among others.

Second place went to Sydney, followed by other cities such as Cape Town, Lisbon, Venice, Los Angeles, Dubai, London, Vancouver and Florence.

The city stands out not only for its tourist attraction, but also for its ability to face the technological challenges of the future. Its global economic and business positioning makes it a strategic location for the packaging industry. According to the Global Power City Index 2022 report, which evaluates and ranks cities according to their global power to attract personnel, capital and companies, Barcelona has remained among the 20 most competitive cities worldwide. This study makes a ranking analyzing the economy, R&D, cultural interaction, livability, environment and accessibility of the cities.

It should be noted that the Global Power City Index ranking has been a highly valuable guide for companies, corporations and investment groups seeking highly relevant data to make strategic decisions and to carry out business activities in different cities.

The packaging industry in Barcelona

Barcelona projects itself as a technological and industrial city in constant evolution, attracting companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world who seek to take advantage of its dynamism and potential for business success.

More than 90% of the companies in the packaging sector in Spain are concentrated in the Barcelona area, making Barcelona a strategic center for manufacturers of high quality packaging machinery.

Barcelona Packaging Hub is made up of leading companies in packaging machinery and high-level technological partners, offering integrated solutions for packaging lines, packaging, coding, palletizing and wrapping. The association includes companies engaged in the manufacture of horizontal machinery, stick pack packaging, fillers and cappers, end-of-line automation specialists, wrappers, labeling, coding and marking companies, among others In addition, Barcelona Packaging Hub’s partners cover a wide variety of sectors, from food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, home care, chemicals, logistics and distribution, etc.

Barcelona Packaging Hub is the only Hub of its kind in Catalonia. The diversity of companies with more than 25 years of experience (currently made up of 10 leading packaging machinery manufacturers and 9 internationally known technology partners), creates an ecosystem in the city environment and fosters the development of integral packaging projects of high quality and innovation..



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