Corporate wellbeing in the manufacturing industry

Listening is one of the most important actions for any company. Implementing corporate wellbeing actions and active employee listening leads to great benefits within a company. In this way, workers feel welcomed and valued by the companies and, in turn, it leads to an increase in productivity levels. Next, we will talk about the importance of employee listening and what are the actions to improve employee wellbeing that have been implemented from Barcelona Packaging Hub.


The importance of employee listening, how does at Barcelona Packaging Hub work?

Feeling at ease in a company does not mean offering health insurance, childcare checks, etc., but going a step further. This is where you have to start from a solid part, which is listening to the employee. Asking employees “How are you feeling” or “How can I help you”? This is a simple way to apply active listening in the company and, in this way, to be able to apply corporate wellbeing actions in the manufacturing industry.

The feeling of being integrated in the company starts with listening to the employees. So if employees have a proposal and it has been carried out, it is the best gift for them, as it indicates that they have been listened to and the company has been involved in making it real.

Nowadays it is difficult for companies to take the time to listen to their employees. That is why from Barcelona Packaging Hub we know the importance of listening to the worker. Esther Las, Talent Manager of Mengibar, founding member of Barcelona Packaging Hub, indicates that the human resources department meets annually to talk to their employees and ask them how they are doing. In addition, they consider it a special moment, since the worker stops doing the tasks to stop for a moment. As Esther points out, it is about “disconnecting for a moment to reconnect. After the meeting, both for the employee and for the company, conclusions can be drawn that will serve to take actions in the future. From Mengibar they know that it is time well invested that brings results.

Sometimes, telling the employee that he needs to talk for a moment may lead him to think that he has done something wrong. That is why it is necessary to make a change of perspective and be able to exchange opinions between workers, human resources and management, offer tools so that employees can make suggestions, show that the company is open to listen to them and, finally, study the feasibility of their comments.




Corporate wellbeing actions implemented by Barcelona Packaging Hub associates

For the associates of Barcelona Packaging Hub it is a source of pride to be able to work in companies that believe in people, beyond having people at a technical level. Below, we detail wellbeing actions that are being carried out.

Following Covid-19, INVPack, a stick pack and sachet vertical packaging and filling company, has decided to implement a year-round intensive working day. The benefits have been manifold: the intensive working day has meant that production employees are not overheated, productivity levels have improved and staff are much happier. In addition, Mariona Pasqual, Marketing & Communications Manager, points out that if there is a peak workload and there is a need to stay after work, the employee does not leave in the afternoon/evening and still has time to enjoy his or her personal life.

Sònia Fuentes, export manager of Effytec, recalls that she received a call from INVpack for the supply of masks and, thanks to the synergies between the companies of Barcelona Packaging Hub, they have been able to help each other, providing, in this case, masks.

That is why one of the most important actions of Barcelona Packaging Hub is to help each other. And it is this synergy between all of us, being able to ask each other how you have done it, how you have implemented it, what are the results obtained, etc., makes it easier for us to share information and help each other.

Watch Barcelona Packaging Hub’s webinar on corporate wellbeing in the manufacturing industry (turn on English subtitles)



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